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The Big Day

On the big day, just remember the big three: Reframe, Maintain, and Share.

Reframe Public Speaking

  • See your presentation as a conversation, not a performance
  • Connect with your audience, talk with, not just at them
  • Know that everyone feels speech anxiety, others just manage it differently
  • Know that you can share an outstanding presentation of value with your
    audience – you can DO this!




Maintain and Stay Well

  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat something before your speech – think light and protein-rich
  • Move before your speech to relieve that nervous energy – walk a longer route to class, take stairs up to the meeting, walk in the hallway
  • Visualize success – you can DO this!

Two students laughing

Share Your Story – Manage that Energy

  • Dress comfortably (you look great)
  • Right before your presentation, jot down two things you will do well on a
    notecard – focus on those strengths
  • Share your story with your audience as a conversation. Build connection with solid eye contact, strong vocal volume and variety, and effective management of speech anxiety
  • Feel free to write reminders on your outline, PowerPoint outline or notecards – such as “slow down,” “smile,” “relax,” “you are doing great,” “halfway there,” “look at audience,” and “breathe.”
  • Enjoy the opportunity (not everyone has the chance to be heard)
  • Remember: you can DO this!

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